Monday, January 31, 2011

Why do Weekends fly by?

another weekend has whizzed by - they seem to go so quickly and yet the week days are so slow :( We also managed to go to the cinema - 2nd time in a many weeks first The Kings Speech BRILLIANT and the The Next Three Days a Russell Crowe film good but not as good as the KS. I spent Saturday looking at Next Home - trying to decide whether to re do the lounge or not? and Sunday was spent cropping at the shop FAB except Monday came round all to soon
This are a couple of my LO’s for Sketchy Thursdays I LOVED this sketch
What is so Funny
and for Twisted Sketches 86
So Cute Butter Wouldn’t Melt

my little fresh faced boys! not quite like that now

Sue xx

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Milkshake or Sundae

I am just about to start on a scrappy day today with Mum and Margaret - have a few things planned but not actually started on anything yet. Think that is mainly because I am hooked on my book - Russell Brands My Booky Wook 2 - an acquired taste and one which I acquired reading the 1st one. So any spare time I am reading. That is why this LO for Sketchy Thursdays has taken days.......
Nob Hill Chill 
(a reference to the drink not to Doug although the boys would disagree!!!)

 Can’t wait to get back there - its the most AMAZING drink EVER - I did get a little and I mean a little!!!
Sue xx

Monday, January 24, 2011


why do the weekends go so flipping’ fast? Hey ho back to Monday morning, alarm clocks, packed lunches, and all round manic haste - especially if you sleep through said alarm clock - no not me - but Dan IDIOT!! Especially as I was up and it never occurred to me he was still in bed!!! he usually is out the door early.

Doug and I spent much of Saturday in the town market square with the Rotary Club selling
Barbie for Brisbane - Burgers/sausages etc given to us by the local butcher and rolls donated from Gregg's
Samosas for Sri Lanka – an amazing 250 given free by Hitchin Gurdwara all cooked fresh Saturday morning
Caipirinhas for Brazil - again donated from the Off licence

Have to say the Caipirinhas (a Brazilian drink - never heard of it myself) - bit like a Mojito with crushed lime and sugar and ice managed to keep us warm

We raised an amazing £970.00 - aren’t folk fabulous?

Thanks to a couple of lovely mates I discovered I was a

how chuffed am I? :) :) It was for this LO here if you want a look

Last week I did this for Sketchabilities 39
P is for a perfect cuppa

Mostly inspired (copied) from the lovely Lis who ‘painted’ with a bit of corrugated card

Sue xx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's a MAD week of Cropping

and I am LOVING it. Although has to be said on the days I am NOT cropping I am playing catch up but all good. So done loads of washing and chores today and managed to do some shopping - just having a blog and a look at the www before I plan for tomorrows crop.
Yesterday I cropped with Mum and Margaret - another good day with loads of chat and fab food. I did my first double LO for ages and its a first for me from Get Picky a gorgeous sketch from the lovely Anna Bowkis

Never ask David to Smile 

a bit of a close up

and another from the weekend
another perfect family walk!!!

This was Christmas Eve and we were out in the snow - no matter what age they are they cannot help doing this - the photos were snapped with my iphone - must remember to do that more often
Sue xx

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sad Monday

its official - Today is apparently the saddest Monday - its must be right as Ken Bruce (radio DJ)  told me. To be honest not sure its actually any different to any other Monday but what do I know. I do know however the weekend was FAB and it was down to these lovely ladieStephLis, and Nicky 

One of the sketches I managed was this from Sketchy Thursdays I flipped the sketch
 Beautiful Christmas Candles

Will share some more laters as I am cropping twice more this week and really need to prepare for them
So after such a fab Saturday we followed it with a great Sunday mainly chilling and a trip to the cinema to see The Kings Speech - I know it has rave reviews but wasn’t sure it was my cup of tea - have to say I LOVED IT and am ashamed to say I never knew anything of the story and it is a GREAT story

Sue xx

Thursday, January 13, 2011

almost the weekend

Well it is for me as Doug is off on Friday so we will be out for our usual Rotary breakfast meeting  and then on to - well we aren’t sure maybe West-field Shopping Centre then we don’t have to worry about the weather.

So today I have to have a bit of a clear up and make a shopping list for the tapas Doug is going to cook on Saturday for my lovely guests  Steph, Lis, and Nicky - they seem pleased at the thought of tapas I have explained they are guinea pigs and Doug has never cooked them before!!!

Not sure that the tapas is really that important - what is is the FAB company I will have I am so looking forward to it. I always feel so inspired after scrapping with these girls. I must remember to take a picture as these girls are pros - they do NOT travel lightly!!!

Yesterday I managed the FABULOUS sketch 137 over on Creative Scrappers 
Model Son!

a bit tongue in cheek as he SO isn’t.
And the buttons which seemed like a good idea at the time were a pain is the ar$e!! lol 

Sue xx

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Walk this way

We were so pleased that Sunday was a bright and sunny day - cold but fab for doing another London Walk - we now have 2 books so this year we can do even more. Plus I get to try out my new camera. We drove up to Ladbroke Grove tube - parking is never a problem on a sunday as we can park for free in the pay and display so we parked up and set off. The book called the walk “A Tale of Two Tribes” not sure why but think its a reference to past racial tensions. 

Anyway we set off through to 
Wornington Green
housing Estate which is dominated

 by this 
with this beautiful
mews next to it

We then turned into 

and confidently!! walked the wrong way - how dense are we? Anyway a quick map check and a bit of reading - the book has some great stories and we were back on track

I loved Portabello Road - we walked the whole length of it - FAB

 and then around the corner into Notting Hill

We mooched around here for a while had lunch then set off into Kensington Park Road - a fab road with gorgeous houses - and where, I have just read
in Chris Evans book, that he used to live. Loving theBiography BTW

Walk completed the book said we had done 4 miles but with our detours and the fact we walked up Portabello Road again we probably did 6 miles.

I am currently browsing my book for the next one

Before the weekend I managed the FABULOUS sketch over on Sketchabilities 38

New Toy

Sue xx

Friday, January 7, 2011

..back into the groove

So Christmas and New Year are way behind us now and I am well and truly back into ‘normal’ mode. House is empty all day chores that were missed are now being caught up on and the rain has set in - see normal!!! I am NOT moaning I like normal it makes Christmas and New Year so much more FUN
I have been scrapping a bit - taking me longer than usual to complete anything...need more practice methinks - plus once I have scrapped I am having a bit of a love hate relationship with my blog - Its driving me mad, it seems to intermittently allow comments - what good is that! On the other hand I LOVE the mac blog - it’s easy to use and it’s different. So please bare with me I am trying to solve it with the mac techie guys think therein lies the problem - they are techie and I am a complete bozo!! Hey ho will keep at it. Thanks to those who have emailed me and told me about the problem too xx

Back to scrapping my FIRST LO of 2011 I used the sketch over on Twisted Sketches the twist being TIME
 When the camera comes out - it is time to mess about

Off out to lunch today - so no more scrapping but plenty of chatting

Sue xx