Monday, December 5, 2011

its really does feel a lot like CHRISTMAS

and I LOVE it. The decs are up christmas cards are made - although not written in fact that is my least favourite bit! Pressies are mostly bought - again not wrapped and this week I start my festive meet ups :)

We have also been up to the Christmas markets - we did the one on the Southbank and the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Never actually purchased anything but I do love looking and I love all the festive smells of cinnamon and 
mulled wine. 

We had lunch at the food market in Covent Garden - the Polish meet stall was to die for amazing chicken skewers and baby roast potatoes. We then wandered down to Oxford Street - love looking at the beautiful windows and the lights.

We walked for miles - I thought that my running would make my legs ache less - but NO I was knackered and glad to fall into a hot bath :)

Saturday we made the house festive - my Christmas playlist had its first airing for 2011

Here are a few of the cards I have made this year

 Right off to meet some old friends for coffee