Tuesday, February 8, 2011

bring on the BANTAMS!!!

Yes we have some new additions to our girls - 4 new bantams. They have been a while in coming as our local breeder lost his breeding stock so we had to source them further afield and its taken a while. But after a loooong trip on Saturday we have them......
So we have a black ball of fluff a Silky called Precious - named after the fabulous Come Fly with Me character a Buff Campine called Katherine - think comedian Katherine Tate.


An Ancona called Ronnie -
she is the black and white one
and finally a ‘what I call’  Gold 
Partridge Pekin called Miranda such fun!!

They are really cute even if they do not get the fact they have to go away in the chicken house at night!! We have spent today adding a fruit netting roof cos they are stupid so lets hope they get it later or we could have chicken tangled in the net!!! Such fun lol