Friday, March 23, 2007

Sponge Bob Square pants

seems to ROCK in our house - not sure I GET it myself - anyway been meaning to scrap these photos for ages - the boys ALWAYS love meeting SBSP. Even Doug likes Patrick ??

and another LO - Don't believe what they say about Florida - it was colder than home!!! They were covering up all their plants to protect them from the frost!!! Typical don't you just hate it when you are on holiday and the locals say - oooo its not been as cold/wet as this for over 10 years!!!

So had a bit of a card making day today - I am so behind with the challenges on Carolyns however I figure better late than never so here is my effort for the Rubber stamp challenge Accessories and then for Food and Drink.

LOADS more to do isn't it a pain sometimes when real life gets in the way of crafting!!

and its nearly the weekend so have a good one everyone see you next week xxxx

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

seem to have cracked it

more by LUCK than judgement sadly - although I have learnt so much - especially to do with itunes *wink* and I have managed to download the Comic Relief video - oooo how I love Andy Pipkin!!!!

So apart from spending FAR too much time on my new mac I have also been busy - these are the exploding boxes I made for Mothers day - 1 for each Mum - got to be fair!!

and technical hitch sady I LIED I am now back on the PC I think I will have to move to the macs own blog!!! flippin thing yeah I can add photos but they they are all on top of each other - handy!!!

So Mothers Day - I got the QK magpie storage oooo it is so LUSH black and pink and so dinky. Both boys made me layouts instead of cards - I will post them another day I was so chuffed with them. We had a lovely lazy day Doug cooked a fab Jamie Oliver menu of pork and pears GORGEOUS!!

We also spent some time playing on a web cam - so silly and yet so fantastically funny - especially when Em joined in with a web cam (she MADE Matt go and buy her one) AND a dressing up box FAB FAB FAB deeley boppers, red wigs and red noses oooo and VERY rude flash cards I am sure she doesn't use them at Nursery. I also got to see her tiara - the one she uses to clean the loo!!! Then it got better Lise joined in - still not sure why she was wearing a vest but we did have lots of childish fun -Well when Lise was concentrating and NOT watching Duffy and eating biscuits!

I have also been having a good play with my cricut I have mainly been messing about but have been impressed with the results - lovely flowers and letters. Just need to get used to the settings so organised as ever I made a note of each paper type and what setting I used lol I so love a list.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What a failure!!

yeah so I posted text BUT alas NO PICTURES - how sad is that a blog with no pics (and I had a GREAT one of Em from her BIL *wink*) Anyway a blog with No pics just isn't happening so I am back on the PC FOR NOW!

....and news well as you know I have a mac!!! yeah yeah I know all he weather jokes!!! I have been on the BIGGEST learning curse EVER since Sunday - so much to learn BUT all in all I love it - I am trying NOT to use the PC as practise makes perfect and all that...mmmm we'll see lol.

I have been so busy lately I haven't even been dipping into blogs (and when you are as nosey as me!!!...thats really hard) I have been making my CJ's 2 on the go at the mo - still doing wedding stationery - although I do limit that to a set time every day depending on orders we are currently doing 2 hours solid a day. I am also doing card orders and sadly I WANT TO SCRAP!!! no time at the mo! Talking of CJ's this is the 2nd of mine one that has now been completed - the lovely Lythan, Net, Rach and Jane have been BRILLIANT and shared their FILMS THAT MAKE YOU LAUGH with me.


and now Lythan




and back to me

so just how fab is that!!!

Ok back to work - BFN xxx

testing testing 1 2 3

rememeber me? well I now have a new mac operating system - PC CRASHED AGAIN!!!!! so can I blog - will post this and if it works will update later

any help regarding blogger for macs would be appreciated

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Nothing to say.....

...but I REALLY wanted to show you my GORGEOUS CJ have a look at the fabulous group I was in


the end :( I do have another one but no time today

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Honey I'm home

have you missed me ? - wow you can certainly talk spent forever blog catching up!!! Loved having a nosey though - now seems like I have NEVER been away

So my honeymoon - FAB FAB FAB so much sitting and chilling. We were on the Gulf Coast in Florida - the beaches wow miles and miles of silver sand and not a soul on them...BLISS. We had fantastic meals loads of fresh fish - not for me I don't do fish (well apart from prawns - which they call shrimps) but Doug was introduced to grouper. We also had a 'pet' alligator!!! and turtle

However we were both pleased to see the boys when we got home - we had never left them that long before - they had a grand time at Grandmas BUT were pleased to see us and loved the fact we spoilt them - new clothes and PSP games DVDs etc!! However David did mention yesterday morning that he now had longer to walk to school!!! My mum lives VERY near his school!!! I suggested he may like to move - he seem to be considering it

...and yeah I SHOPPED lovely scrap book shops and I managed a few crafty purchases including a bargain (£100) Cricut just stopped playing with it to Blog but I am loving it. Will have to show you pics later.

oooOOOoooo and my CJ landed today - its has been rounds a FABBY group of talented ladies - HONEST it is a mini work of art - here's a look at my pages will add more later

So my crafty friends looking at your blogs I have been bowled over by your talents - I have loads to inspire me thank-you for sharing :)

off to play with my STASH!!!

oooo Em and Lise have I mentioned ribbons!!!