Sunday, December 31, 2006

it's all over

well it is at our house. Tree is back up the loft and the decorations back in the boxes for another year...oooo I lie 2 years for us as next year we will be in Florida for 3 weeks over Christmas and New Year........
Just so I remember.....

I have to say the lounge looks really empty. So nothing crafty today been tidying and I have in mind what to do when I NEXT craft. OOOO and after reading Lynnes blog I may have purchased some Rhonna Farrer stamps..thanks Lynne.

Off out in a mo to Dougs brothers...more games and the most mahusive chinese you can imagine...Doug and Andy have spent the last 2 days discussing what they will order.....and we have duck pancakes!!! and fireworks to see the New Year in. We are also taking round Uno and Rapido!! so watch out for the start of World War 3.

Again wishing you all A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR xxxx

Saturday, December 30, 2006

not totally happy BUT..........

Ok so I NEVER came back...oopps. I have been busy though....did this LO - I know there is something wrong BUT cannot 'get it'...I am really a card maker and stamper at heart (don't ask how many rubber stamps I have) and as much as I love to scrap cos it's for ME I do struggle. But hey practise makes perfect...meanwhile I drool at the talent on UKS and 2PEAS.

I Have hidden a tag near the last photo explaining that David was so bemused...he was only 4 he didn't know whether it was funny of not that Dougs hat blew I was crying!!! from the safety of the pavement.

I was using SAFMAT I have had it for ever but you know how it is used it put it away...what an idiot. I am bowled away with it at the mo'. I can use all my funky fonts and whatever colours I like. (the and away was done on safmat)

So the reason I never popped are looking at it - THAT took all day and all fact I went to bed at 12.30am!!

So as you can imagine I had a late start this morning such a waste cos I LOVE the weekend, I am VERY possesive of it - I like it to be me Doug and the with most families we tear around all week and the w/end is OUR time.
So our time today has consisted of me scrappin...yup looks like I am hooked, David, 11, making the most FANTASTIC banana and nut muffins......he loves cooking BUT I am sure he makes these as Dan 15 has a nut allergy which means David gets to eat more....and Dan and Doug have been out to play tennis. By the sound of it they are now killing each other in the lounge (new Xbox 360) not literally.

I have been mooching about the web and various forums I belong to and is it JUST me who hasn't a craft robo yet? I am still undecided - blimey I cannot even decide the best way to store my paper at the moment and I have a paper rack - I am usless at making decisions.

Right back to my messy desk.

ooooo and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to anyone who may be reading this...speak soon xxxx

a quick reminder 2nd part of Little Britain tonight!!! YOU MUST WATCH IT

Friday, December 29, 2006

Day 2

So far so good well a bit early to gloat really.

So after the publishing yesterday’s maiden post I just sat and watched the PC ALL DAY to see if I got any comments…….. JOKE I never really BUT I was so chuffed when I did get a couple of comments..thank-you.

I tackled my Circle Journals yesterday, I am in 2 CJ groups and have a double lay out to complete in each book. The standard is fantastic and I spent most of yesterday ‘playing’ with one of them...not finished yet though. In fact looking at them again this morning may have to have a complete re think! BUM.

Here are the title pages to my CJ's

My new digital radio alarm woke me up today…how fabby - Christmas pressie from mum…so I can wake up to Wogan with no crackles…except he wasn’t on today. Only problem was we all went back to sleep!!!
On the agenda today is shopping (food) with Mum and that’s it…easy life so I can craft the rest of the day…….maybe

May be back later to show you

Thursday, December 28, 2006

...and we are off

.......well maybe don't get too excited!

So my FIRST post - maybe my only one as I have NEVER kept a diary yet and to be honest at my age I reckon its a bit late to change now..well hey ho we will see. So what on earth shall I say? will anyone actually read what I say?

OK so let me tell you about our family Christmas...which started at stoopid 0'clock! with the boys bringing their stockings into bed with us. I love this they get so excited and cannot wait to get downstairs to the real pressies. So washed and dressed we head downstairs for breakfast and we collect my mum who is spending the day with us.

So we spend the next oooooo hours snacking on homemade mince pies, and eccles cakes and unwrapping the vast amount of presents we VERY spoilt.

I got a QK revolution.....FAB FAB FAB once, if ever, I finish this blog entry I aim to use it to scrap some Christmas photos......don't hold your breath. The rest of the Christmas break consisted of more of the lovely to relax with the family. Did I say relax..well that was until THE GAME of 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' on Boxing Day...loads of cheating, yelling and stuff quite frightening, and today I actually googled one of the questions ( YEAH I KNOW HOW SAD AM I) and Doug was right, his brother either cannot read or plain lied!! Flippin' CHEAT!!!!

Blimey just looked at the time you so won't believe how long this post has taken...have I mentioned I am a computer BOZO and cannot spell or type. OK so fingers crossed that I can now publish it or whatever it is you do

Cheerio for now..maybe for ever lol