Thursday, February 15, 2007

a quick round up

OMG what a crap bad blogger I am - or did I want to leave my rock star son up there for longer?? lol

OK so manic week - Love the fact kids are off school - no having to get up and do the school morning stuff - BUT sadly I have a couple of orders to complete and I really wanted to play.

Still the money will be be nice cos I am off to Florida on Monday YAHOOOOO a late honeymoon for Doug and I and NO BOYS - we are going here have a look such luxury - a pool and a hot tub. Then a short walk to the beach and sunsets BLISS.

......and craft shopping have I mentioned that I do intend to have a chill out relaxing holiday BUT craft shopping is sooooo relaxing yeah?

So back to NOW - washing machine packed up FAB HUH no worries Mum lives just round the corner - except hers has been dead for the last 2 weeks - BUT she has an engineer round later today - so fingers crossed please.

Doug and I purchased an ipod nano at the weekend TO SHARE - we really MUST talk about what share means. Its a fab little tiny gadget with a lovely sound so we have 120 songs each to upload mmmmm should be fun.

I can show you these Daisy Crazy ATCS now... I love making these

OK not really much else to say - Doug loved his Valentines tin - just as well! - I guess I will see you all when I return at the beginning of March

Will miss you - I do love to have a nosy into your lives - don't blog too much *WINK*

Love n' stuff xxxxx

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

teenage kicks

OMG I am blown away by this

Please click and look

Ok so I am gonna GUSH please feel free to click away NOW


I did the proud mum bit and clapped and cheered and screamed and cried my way through the gig...think that is the right word OMG better learn all the language

But LOOK did he ROCK or what.....BTW he is the one at the back in the white shirt and black tie awhhhhhhh bless him ooo that was so NOT rock star ish was it

I meant to say COOL!!! LOL BUT how good was that band and how proud am I can you tell

Ok I am going now....thanks if you stayed xxxx

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Not really sure if this counts

BUT I loved making let me know is this Ok for the DCM and Speshal dare?
Doug if you are reading this FAT CHANGE but you never know STOP!!! OK

It is Doug's valentine card but its in a tin !

inside are several circles

and lastly

so not actually got anything to say and you can see what I have been doing.........back to wedding stationery for me now.....I am going away in a couple of weeks I really MUST knuckle down and get these orders done....

and there is SO MUCH playing to be done :(

Monday, February 5, 2007

A bit like the cows tail ....


Em and Carol are launching FANTASTIC scrappin' Challenges and me in my own little world thought I had weeks...but No so 'Me' was done Friday with the next challenge finished on I can breathe. Actually I do love these Scrappin challenges I have so much to learn and half my problem is not knowing where to start and what photo to use to at least with the challenges I get a starting point here they are

I LOVE the photo of ME not cos its of me BUT because of what you can't see........I am in a skanky nasty vest top, no make up, and the tattiest pair of holey cut off jeans you EVER have seen...and I am watching the boys in the pool as I read and eat my breakfast and ITS NOVEMBER AND 8.30AM...oooo that'd be Florida then :)

and now my boys......

A lovely week end for us...our usual manic Saturday, Dan has to be here and David has to be there and we do the carrying and then a quieter Sunday...Doug and I delivered some wedding Stationery and then headed to Milton Keynes. We had a lovely lunch in Chiquitos and then a mooch round the shops...and I had M & S vouchers now apart from Craft shops this is my fave shop in the world and I never spent a thing ...I do need more practise.

Just a quick thank-you for the lovely comments you have been leaving...the Elegant lady stamps, as I call them, are from Friends and Oyster stamps