Thursday, June 28, 2012

rocking on

is exactly way I have been doing this week. Kicked off with the AMAZING stage show of ROCK OF AGES, it was brilliant not like anything I have seen before funny, rude, loud and well rocking'. 

The rest of this week has been pretty rocking too - starting off with Mum and Margaret popping round to scrap - although really I should be moaning about how ill I feel cos Margaret had a nasty cough and cold and was worried about passing it on, however if I did I would be lying!! and Margaret would feel terrible :) I did scrap quite a bit and loved it.

I used this sketch on Sketchabilites #73 couldn't wait to use my new paper

I love you
 Basic Grey - Whats Up

I then got a bit bogged down with various meetings, reports and event plans and so on. However have a look here its all coming together so well.

Then tonight I am out with the girls, tomorrow I am at a cocktail party, then it's the weekend when I am going to a picnic :) - not bad huh

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Normal service has been resumed

and I am back to being a very slow blogger! Probably because it has been a bit of a week for meetings - boring to write about but interesting for me, even if it does mean I have work to do afterwards. 

We have had a right mixed bag weather-wise. One day I was sitting at Mums in the garden having lunch and the next day I tried waiting for a gap in the torrential rain to run down the garden to feed the pigs, needless to say I got drenched and its been on and off like that all week. Today is bright and sunny, bet your life tomorrow when we are heading to London the heavens will open. Mum bought Doug 2 tickets to see Rock of Ages at the theatre so that is where we are heading.

Scrappy wise I finished this LO over a few days just a very little everyday as there really isn't much to it. Thought I should document the pigs first few days

Pig A & Pig B
 American Crafts  - Neapolitan 

Yesterday between the showers Mum and I went to see Lorraine at Scrap Revolution  I didn't want anything as I have loads PLUS I have looked at the new Basic Grey collections on line and I wasn't that keen!! WRONG I looked at them up close and personal and they are gorgeous, so I now have, Whats Up and pb&j plus MME - On the Sunny Side. Here you go see for yourself my buys :)  

Have a good weekend xx

Friday, June 15, 2012

a Royal Visit

Was scheduled this week in the little market town of Hitchin where I live. The Queen was popping by as part of her Diamond Jubilee Tour to present an award to the volunteers at the British School. Wilshere-Dacre, the school I am a governor, was privileged, to not only have a select few children dressed in victorian clothes and form park of the British School presentation, but was also in pole position the barriers.
There was LOADS of this
  and some rousing singing of Jerusalem with a fab choir and band
and you can just spot her in lilac
and she walked closer
chatting as she goes
and my fave photo of the pupils and too
Have to say she looked so young and elegant, hard to believe her age really. It was a fabulous day full cheers and red white and blue flags so patriotic felt good to be in town :) Plus THE SUN SHONE!!!

As it did the day before when we took some children as part of Kids Out 2012 to Whipsnade Zoo 
Finally a LO - which came together very quickly

So Young
very old pictures of Doug
Pink Paislee - Indigo Blue
have a great weekend xx

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Surprise Surprise!!

me again!! Not blogged twice in as many days for ages, don't suppose for one second it will last hey ho. The reason I am blogging is that I so enjoyed my scrapping yesterday I have rushed around to get the errands and 'stuff' done so I could do more today. I have even braved the cold - not raining ...yet and fed the pigs and the chickens. It tales a while as we have 3 new chickens and they are all settling in OK ish except at feeding times,  I have to stand down there and ref for a while. One of the new ones is so friendly I have to watch her as she follows me everywhere including out of the run! We 3 new white chickens, a Silver Nick called Nick a Coral called Coral and a White Star called Star, do you get the feeling we are over the naming chickens stage lol
This is Coral - the others are, well much the same with less of a fan type tail!!

This is my LO - inspired by Sketchabilites Sketch #72 

Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks
Pink Paislee - Prairie Hill

and finally my invites, considering I stopped making Wedding Stationery I actually enjoyed making these

Monday, June 11, 2012

Crafting in the rain!

Blogging again on another wet Monday morning! Getting a little fed up of this weather to be honest, yesterday I  was sitting having lunch in the sun and today well its cold and very wet! I guess it won't change as Wednesday I am helping with Kids Out - we are taking some children to Whipsnade Zoo and Thursday the Queen is visiting Hitchin and again I am helping with the children so at least another 2 more wet days guaranteed! Plus number one son has gone to brighton with some mates so all in all reckon the rain is here to stay lol

So I am taking the sensible option of scrapping - and listening to music. Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz are my current faces with a little of my old faves of 10CC and Wings thrown in - yup I am that old.

One LO completed although to be fair it has been started oooo so long ago and I haven't had time to finish it. 

Relaxing in the Florida Sunshine
all that lovely Florida sun shine! Need to go back :)
MME - Follow your Heart

Christmas 2011
yup so far behind still scrapping Christmas pics - and using up old papers :)
Basic Gray

Now back to scrapping and some wedding invites to make, mmmm which to do first?
Hope you stay dry!!