Thursday, May 31, 2012

oh dear what a neglected blog - ahh well real life is actually MUCH more fun! I have been meaning to blog but there always seemed to be something else I wanted to do more, like sitting in the glorious weekend sunshine. Believe me I managed to sit outside all weekend, I read 2 books and yup think that was it - lovely!
So some updates, pigs are bigger and fatter maybe only a few more weeks till pork chop day! The Rotary Club projects I am helping to run are creeping up on us just a month to go before our MASSIVE  - GO HITCHIN weekend, but not too panicked yet. The Wine and Food Festival scheduled for November is ticking along nicely and the School Governors work I am doing will be finished this afternoon ready to send to all for half term. Then I am going to scrap my art out!!! 
We had our 10th Anniversary Ball last week - 10 years of Hitchin Tilehouse Rotary club - fantastic do all over to quickly
Scrappy projects, are very few but I did a couple at the lovely Scrapbags crop
 a room with a view
MME - Miss Caroline
this really was the view from out hotel in Santa Cruz.
Finally one of my favourite haunts in London - 
sights of Portabello Road 
Echo Park
Have a FABULOUS sunny - please! Jubilee weekend

Friday, May 18, 2012

busy busy busy!

However this afternoon I stopped doing all the jobs I had volunteered for and got packing ready for tomorrows crop - I can tell you I am really looking forward it. Some down time with my lovely scrappy mate Carole. Although to be fair I think she will sick of me by tomorrow evening as she is also seeing me later today as I am heading over to hers to a Stamping Up party!

So not much crafty stuff to share, done a little but have been doing other stuff, including some projects for Scrap Revolution, lots of work for school and some for The Rotary Club. All really interesting but all stopping me from scrapping.

Here are the 2 LO's I did manage - still on a mission to sue p some of my older papers

Practice makes Perfect!
As usual trying to have a 'nice' photo taken with the boys
 Fancy Pants - its the little things

tis the Season.......

Fancy Pants - Hot Chocolate

Thursday, May 3, 2012

and so it goes on and on.......

Being home alone in charge of pigs and chickens is not my idea of heaven when the weather is nice. Now, with all this rain the mud is so deep where the pigs are I frequently lose my brand new beautiful flower patterned wellies! I hate having to wear them as they get so muddy :( Have to say the pigs do seem very happy with the mud so maybe its just me lol. On the upside of having the animals we are allowed to use a hose to wash down and fill up the water etc etc. The pigs drink like, well, greedy pigs and Doug has a water butt in a tree - honest you have to see it to believe it is connected to a drinker that has a valve thingy in it - sure there is a technical term but basically it means they get constant water. We have to climb a tree, well lets be honest WE don't we send the boys!!! they are much younger and far more agile, and up until a couple of days ago we passed up full watering cans to them. Such a a palaver. Then 2 days ago I bought an extension to our hose, I can tell you I got some really odd looks and funnily enough the Hose Pipe shelf was jam packed I could have had all of the colours in all of the sizes (I did love that advert I am so old lol) Even the lady at the till asked me was I aware that there was a hose pipe ban!! Anyway filling the water butt is now a piece of cake and no kids are involved making for an all round more peaceful event! The boys do manage to moan a lot!! So just the rain and mud issue to solve now then and looking at the forecast not sure that is going to happen.
Pigs in ..... goodness only knows lol!!
a happy pig!!!!
Right enough, onto a challenge set over on CBC to use flags
It is all about the right hat

and sunshine - remember that!