Monday, January 30, 2012

Quiet Monday

Monday again - and I have an empty house. After the comings and goings of the boys over the weekend it is very quiet- peaceful :) Mind you I do hate the way the weekend flies by stupidly quickly. 
This morning I haven't done anything very much but play in my craft room mainly because my legs are really aching after doing two 5km runs over the weekend. I do like running when its cold so I thought I could manage 2 which I did but now I know why I usually run every other day!! We will see what tomorrow brings.

I have finished off 2 LO's today both of which I have had on the go for a few days but haven't had a chance to just complete. I did the sketch over on Twisted Sketches #136 where the twist was fabric - so I cut a fabric circle and got my sewing machine out and stitched the lace onto it plus I used some ribbon so nearly 3 fabrics :)

nothing beats tea and a chat

Cosmo Cricket Pixie - Licious

This is a rather dark photo of my mum I took while I was demoing my iPhone to her and Doug's parents, we had all met up for a cuppa in Neals Yard Covent Garden - in between January Sale shopping. I love the little Maya Road tea-pot and mug - perfect for this photo

and then I found this blog Lets Capture these Sketches #116 and loved the sketch so had a play

Little and Large

you may have to click on this to read the journalling. It says

At Christmas we always get a couple of boxes ready for the boys presents.
 I can’t tell you how pleased I was the day I prepared these

Echo Park - Times and Seasons

Stupid really but I was giggling all day I couldn't wait for Chrstmas morning when I showed David hs box compared to Dans and yes I did have a 'proper' one ready.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Duller and Duller

What a dull dreary day in more ways than one - I am sitting here having break from school governor paperwork  which isn't much fun! Mind you I did also have a quick look and its only & weeks till we fly to Florida :) And my cooker is being cleaned as I type - money VERY well spent. 

Doug did the 10 miles run on Sunday in around an hour and 40 minutes he was well chuffed - I am very proud of him, all this running - he does it a lot has meant he has lost over 2 stone in weight!!

Saturday was spent scrapping Steph managed 11 yes 11 LO's all with paint and sprays amazing - me I think I did 3!!!! I did talk a lot though :) and ate cake - the most yummiest chocolate cake
So in spite of what I said earlier..... 

a Balanced Diet
Echo Park - Summer Days
and one more from las Vegas - this time INSIDE The Venician Hotel
only in Las Vegas
Basic Grey - Offbeat

Seriously considering a takeaway tonight - don't want to mess up my sparkly cooker!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

TGI Friday

I love Fridays I do - usually start of with a breakfast meeting and then home and bung something in the slo-cooker and before long everyone is home for tea and its the weekend. This Friday isn't any different, Rotary breakfast done, beef bouguignon in the slo-cooker smells lovely and now a bit of web time before I start to get some scraping ready for Saturday. This Saturday Steph is coming to play - I can't wait it's been ages so I am really looking forward to catching up. Plus I have done very little scrapping this week so I need my fix. Then on Sunday Doug is running a 10 mile race so I will be supporting him - from the sidelines :) 

I did this LO last weekend for the sketch over on Crafty Sketches I loved the crookedist (blimey is that a word - how is it spelt!!!) street in San Francisco and took loads of pictures so when I saw the sketch required 4 photos I knew what I was going to do

Lombard Street 

October Afternoon 5 & Dime

Happy Weekend :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

another weekend flies by.......

Why do they do that - its such a shame? I did manage to spend all of Saturday cropping with the lovely ladies at Scrapbags, and I managed to do several LO's as well as talk LOADS. I think I have this down to a fine art now chatting and scrapping :)

I did this for the sketch over on Twisted Sketches #134 - I rotated the sketch!

Preparing for Las Vegas
 and the smaller text says..............
The twist was NEW - I used some new texture paste 

Sunday was spent in London again - I know *rolls eyes* this time to return some items of our Denby dinner service to John  Lewis as they were all marked as if the glaze had come off. All very odd and disappointing. Have to say JL were totally fabulous and changed all the pieces and we left very happy. We then walked through Green Park round Buck House, through St James park and on to Horse Guards. It was really cold but the sun was shining - lovely for walking. We then wandered through Piccadilly stopping at Fortnum and Mason - I really love that shop and on into Bond Street and back to the car. We had a couple of stops for coffee and cake as we were heading home for egg and bacon - the chickens have been on a go slow and now we are suddenly inundated so we needed to use them up. 

Today Doug has been working from home so we took the opportunity to run early this morning - its was so cold but lovely as usually I get too hot very quickly. I have to say its much nicer running with someone and I am so chuffed with myself as I managed 6.2km - Doug has a Nike+ so I was determined to do more than my previous 5km. I am still smiling, you would think I had run a marathon!!

Maybe just maybe I will get to this sometime - another of my weekend LO's :)


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Is what I am - I know its mild out and yes the sun is shinning BUT I haven't any heating OR hot water so the house has cooled down to VERY COLD!!! So I am sitting here blogging with a fan heater which either makes me very hot or when I turn it off instantly cold - so yes I am having a good moan! The plumber is due tomorrow so fingers crossed this is the last day of it.

I have THIS bubbling away in the slo-cooker today - smells lovely hope it turns out as nice as the picture looks. I am also trying roasted brussels and bacon - never done that before so if neither work its just roast potatoes for tea :)

I finished this LO for an old and new challenge on Crafts By Carolyn

True Love

Echo Park -Time and Seasons Collection
I found this quote and thought it was lovely - especially as we were standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

Monday, January 9, 2012

so far so good

I know its far too early to be smug about doing another blog entry but I am just a little bit :) I should be catching up on the ironing and as the heating hasn't come on - goodness only knows why I was hoping it would warm me up. However as usual I have been waylaid by blogs and stuff you know how it is..... Anyway after Saturdays exercise Doug and I then went and did a London walk on Sunday - we walked around 6 miles from Old Street roundabout through to Highbury, it was lovely. We have a great book that tells us whats what as we walk. We walked by Regents Canal and by gorgeous house boats. We walked through some beautiful mews passed by and popped in  some fab cafe/galleries all hidden away from the main roads. Have to say I am aching today but hey it'll go off - fingers crossed.

I have a LO to share one I did for the lovely sketch from Sketchy Thursdays 

Pretty Maids all in a Row

ahhhhh a little me as a bridesmaid
I even remembered to cut the background paper to less than 12 x 12 so the date tab would fit into my album :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

LOVE the weekend

So after everyone went back to work this week I have them all at home again - LOVELY. It has been odd being home alone but on the up side what with my slo-cooker, being organised and an empty house I have managed to scrap with enthusiasm - which was lacking last year!!
I have also done my first 5k run for 2012, I had a long break over Christmas and New year - various reasons including being very lazy but I have started back slowly but I did it and though I cannot say I enjoy it I do feel great when I have done it!!
Here are a couple of my LO's
Love the Bellagio - Las Vegas
and a close up
Cosmo Cricket
and one of the boys - Christmas 2010 opening their Gym membership
Fight the Flab
I think with this new blog you can now click on the photos and make them bigger if you want to? Also anyone know how I can change the default font - its driving me nuts!!! In simple terms though if you do I am an idiot :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

start of 2012

My first post for 2012 - actually its my first post in over a month, also my first post for many months on this blog as I have now changed back to blogger after using iweb - my mac blog for years. I have to say I didn't want to change back but as blogger really doesn't perform too well on my mac hey ho we shall persevere and see where it gets me.

I never make any resolutions as I know I will not keep them- can't I was well under the table when will power was dished out, however  have kinda made (another) promise to myself I will do better at blogging cos once I start I do actually enjoy it.

Some quick snapshots of our very quiet Christmas - just the 4 of us at home it was lovely so relaxed and peaceful.
As ever we were all spoiled rotten and had some beautiful gifts - including a bird table, a massive jewellery box, a golf bag and gift cards.

Today is my first day home alone after the Christmas  and New year festivities, seems odd after having a house full for so long.

So I have started - made the commitment so lets hope I carry on.
Happy New Year!