Wednesday, April 25, 2012

flippin' Rain

So much rain here its stupid - the pigs are now in a bog mind  you they do seem happy - I however am NOT I know we need rain but this much! OOO and Lis yes Doug is happy  bit like a pig in $hit!!!
I have just seen this fab sketch on the Page Maps blog so I thought I would have a go using my new papers I got in Florida

my little brother - old B/W photos 
American Crafts - Neapolitan
and my first attempt at a pinwheel - think I may be doing more of these
So now I have to get on a coat and wellies and feed the pigs in this rain :(

Monday, April 23, 2012

Oink Oink.....

yup this Saturday was THE day they arrived. Scary or what? well Doug wasn't but then he is at work all week! They settled in really quickly and seem happy. Mind you I haven't a clue what an unhappy pig looks like.
They are Large Blacks - apparently pig breeders have very little imagination and they are called large blacks because yup they are large and black, well not so large at the mo as they are 10 weeks old. They are brothers and are always together in fact they are quite cute - so far. They and snuggle up together to sleep and are pleased when you go down and see them.
So today I am home alone with 8 chickens and 2 pigs!!!
I have quite a bit to do today as  have a meeting tonight but in between running down the garden (got to keep checking on the pigs!) - which is quite long and blogging I still have LOADS to do, better crack on.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The City of London

was where we walked around on Sunday - it was lovely very sunny, windy but bright and cheerful. I can't remember the last time I wandered around the city - Doug does it daily. We went armed with our London Walk book and walked and read for a few hours.

This was the book we used. We have done loads and still have more to do

We came back via Ally Pally and in spite of the Stamp and Scrapping show being held there I wasn't at all tempted - sure sign I have far too much stuff :)

In an effort to use some of said 'stuff' I did do a couple of LO's this week with mum and Margaret.
Prom Night
both boys on prom night 3 years apart - yes it was planned!
October Afternoon

christmas day 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

fabulous long weekend

Which was rather well planned methinks. Arrive back from hols to two - 4 days weeks with a lovely long weekend in between - could definitely get used to this :)
Although we haven't actually done very much. Yesterday was spent catching up on chores followed by a lovely family meal out at The Raven in the evening. Today we took a very quick trip to Brent X so David could buy the Macbook he has been saving for, followed by more pig preparation this afternoon, it was far too cold to be in the garden so I am now in the warm with a cuppa.
Crafting wise I broke into some of my new paper and did this for  Sketchabilities #68
Streets of San Francisco
again more from a previous holiday
Echo Park - Note to Self

I am loving the new 'chicken wire'  Crafters workshop template I have :)

Happy Easter xxx

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello - remember me?

Its been a LOOOONG while. Hopefully after my working few weeks and a gorgeous relaxing holiday I can return to blogging and playing catchup with all the other fabulous blogs I like to read.
So pig arc/fence is all waiting for the pigs fingers crossed anytime soon. Doug cannot wait, me - I can lol
Will keep you posted win they arrive.
Doug and I had a fabulous holiday - a whole 2 weeks of sun and relaxing, we stayed .......
did lots and lots of

Doug did - me? I watched

and I have even done some scrapping - I managed to buy loads of lovely paper - LOVE Whim so Doodle and Scrappy Boutique!
one of a previous holiday on Hollywood and Aretha Franklins star
Simple Stories

Finally a couple of Mothers Day cards
Off to finish a LO I started yesterday and then out to lunch with some OLD!! school mates

Speak soon xx