Monday, February 20, 2012

A brand new week

Another new week begins and for me only 2 days left before I start working everyday at school. Just as a temporary measure while a friend convalesces. I do enjoy helping out because it is only temporary - have to say I do enjoy not working :) plus this time once finished I am off to Florida so all good.

I thought I had better do a blog post before I do not have any time at all! So, I think the most exciting news for us is that the pig fence is now up - looks strong, apparently they have to be and we have a new gate which we have to be careful off cos they may try and escape! Once back from Florida we will be getting our 2 new additions.  I think we are all ready, we have been given a stock number and all the paper work we need from DEFRA. The arc - just call me Noah!! is being delivered the week as are the feeders we need well the pigs actually need them :) just need the pigs now.
I know must be totally barmy.

I did take David and his mates to MK shopping last week -  they all work part time so they shopped and I sat and had a coffee and read a magazine for hours and hours........... so once I got back to the TOP of the multi storey car park and discovered a flat tyre you can imagine I was thrilled!! So another looooong wait as I sadly, was right under the table when they taught 'how to change a tyre' lessons Mind you the kids wanted to 'have a go' but they did not convince me that they actually could!! 

Last week I did manage to scrap quite a lot both at home with Mum and Margaret and with Carole and the lovely ladies at Scrapbags. Here are a couple of my makes........still trying to use up my paper stash
I used the sketch from Crafty Sketches

Aim High 
pictures from Dans awards evening in 2008 and Davids in 2011
The Girls Paperie

Baby it's cold inside
Davids FABULOUS ear muffs - which he wore Christmas Day

Off to finish collating some questionnaires I have been doing for school - one of those long boring jobs that I do in little bits so I don't fall asleep.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Where did that week go?

Goodness me its been over a week since I last blogged and I was doing so well. Think it may have been the snow - its put me all out. Plus I have spent everyday in at school this week for one reason or another so crafting has taken a real back seat :(  I have been on "Gate Duty" trying to stop parents who insist on using the school car park to STOP - mainly because A) it is far to small and B) we also have designated parents who collect children for after school clubs and for their safety we cannot have 200 + parents driving in and out the school - especially on snowy days!!! So I have donned a hi-vis jacket - so very attractive and grabbed some cones and stood my ground. Have to say had the expected rude comments but we did - myself and the site manager stop parents from driving in. However yesterday due to another meeting I could't stand there and they were all back grrrrrrr - I really do not know what to do - it is so frustrating and dangerous!! anyway rant over :)

It is now 1/2 term here so no more school or school 'stuff' for a week which will be lovely and just maybe I may get some time to scrap-book. Fingers x'd.

So another LO for Kaths Challenge over on CBC

Beautiful Solvang
 and some detail 
Websters Pages
These were photos I took of Solvang - an amazing Danish own off of Highway One in California

..... and that's it - hope everyone stays warm for the week-end

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Colder and Colder

Can it get any colder? I am up and down the garden like a yo-yo defrosting the chicken water - getting bored with it now!

Still I am keeping warm indoors as I have 
just cooked 6 lasagnes - I am smiling as I do it cos that means its 6 weeks and we fly out to Florida. The lasagnes are for the boys - all cooked and ready to freeze to be warmed up and then the dish thrown away - how hard can it be? I was hoping that it would mean they would maybe manage to clear up after themselves. Think maybe when we face time them I will ask to see the kitchen!

I have couple of LO's to share. My first ever LO without a title but I figured the photo kind of said it all - this is for Kaths challenge over on CBC - we had to use bling, wings and pretty things!

Santa Monica Pier
 Jillibean Soup - Blossom Soup
Some misting AND some stamping with paints:)
Finally a LO I did for the sketch on Lets Capture these Sketches #117
 on the water Front  
I did toy with the title Beach Bum - made me laugh!!

Basic Grey Phresh & Phunky

Can you tell I am on a mission to use up my old papers?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Midweek chill

Now I am not sure if you will ever get to read this....... I am trying to blog from my iPad just downloaded a new app. So I am trying a quick post and a photo.
very old friends

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back on my mac - ok so it did work but the photo quality is poor unless you click on the picture :)