Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Picture this

My last couple of weeks in pictures. I know I felt sure I would blog more often but it never happened!
Firstly THIS arrived from the lovely people at The Craftz Boutique. I have used them  couple of times now and each time they were so efficient and so quick. The parcel was wrapped in tissue and labelled beautifully. I now have card stock to match my patterned paper! It took me a while using the Bazzill colour matcher but it was worth it.
I then booked into a daytime crop - its next week actually but decided I wanted some new photos to inspire me, so I started off asking the boys to pose - this was the result!
Doug and I had a lovely day our in Norfolk, breakfast here - Holt
 a walk through Blakeney- watching all the crab fishing
 ending up at Wells for a cream tea
and then onto Sandringham
the weather then turned FABULOUS so we did some of this
 Then this 
 turned into this!!! and I have a VERY full freezer
and finally yesterday good news this happened
I will be back soon with some scrapping - maybe lol


lisa said...

OMG!!! you eat your pets!!!
I must never bring Poppy over to you : )
You sound busy but like you are enjoying.
I'm sorry I never responded to your emails. It's been a little crazy here too. Love the link you gave for Winter Garden. We are very keen to visit, thank you : )
Lots of love xxx

Sooty said...

Like the posing!!! wish i was coming on Thursday so tempted but my cars booked in might try and change it but am out of office wednesday as well. Will let you know if i can make it thats if there is any spaces left. Paper stash looks good. Catch up soon xxx

Christie said...

Love all the photos you shared! I need to sort through mine. I swear I'll never get them all scrapped!
I think the photos of your boys are so great, can't wait to see how you scrap them!