Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Vacation

....well part of it is right - it is summer but I haven't been away just been doing other things and yet again have neglected my blog!

I have been scrapping, quite a lot actually.  I have also been reading lots, relaxing and spending time at home. Plus I got unexpectedly hooked on the Olympics - that was a real surprise as I didn't think I would. Its lovely as David is around (school hols) and Dan is doing some shift work till the end of the paralympics so is also at home on somedays and Doug has been working from home a lot, this means we get longer evenings as there is no travelling. 

Here are a couple of LO's, this one was for the circle challenge on CBC

a Royal Visit
Mum found these papers for me - they work so well with these photos that I have been waiting to scrap

Other GOOD news is that David did marvellously well in his exams and got 4 A's - totally amazing I am so very proud, and I have an early birthday pressie of a Kindle Touch, LOVE it read a whole book yesterday now off to order some more.


Scrapbagleader said...

Congratulations to David - fantastic results.

Kath said...

Wow!!! What brilliant grades for David. You have every right to be proud. Well done that young man!!!

Love your L/Os The papers are great that your Mum got for you...splendid L/o of the Queen's visit.

Enjoy your Kindle....I love mine but don't think I have read a book in a day yet!

Christie Bryant said...

LOVE these layouts! They're both fabulous!!!
How fun to have a new Kindle, so glad you're enjoying it!

Happy Birthday? Still coming? Already enjoyed it? Anyway...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!