Wednesday, January 31, 2007

spent the day in hospital lol

Set off after the school run to pick up Caz, best friend. We had booked a ‘Trading Places’ pitch at our local hospital. Arrived at Lister hospital and unloaded..Caz did the lift I ran up the stairs…HATE SMALL SPACES I am such a wuss and NOT once did I win.

Anyway all set up and then they start

Silly potential customer Number 1 “do you have any condolence cards”
Me “ well I have a couple of thinking of you and ‘blank’ cards will these do”
I showed her some simple stamped silver roses on black and also a gold very plain but ideal IMHO
Silly potential customer Number 1oooo NO wanted something much more cheerful, no one liked him!”

Wow what could you say???? So I laughed and never got the sale

And the next

Silly potential customer Number 2 “ have you a card for a depressed man”
Me already grinning “ well not specifically does he do anything
Silly potential customer Number 2 “Yeah sits around depressed”
And she went !!!

Silly potential customer Number 3 “ did you make these”
Me “well the sign says HANDMADE but I lie” nah I never really said that BUT I so wanted to

And they went on an on ……..

Still we made over £100 and had a good gossip and plenty of coffee so all in all a nice day……till I came home .... be greeted with David telling me he HAD to be at drama for a rehearsal at 6pm and Dan had to be at the swimming pool for 6.30 for a gala and tea was at 6!!!! Flippin’ kids honest they can’t do anything unless it at the last minute we roped in help and they all got to their destinations…waiting on a call to collect Dan soon…although he did phone earlier to say he came 3rd in a race and was knackered…shame really as he has 3 more to do :)

And lastly the DCM little extra sketch thingy

.....AND!!! Have I told you my really BAD QK squeeze has ceased to be!!! it broke and off getting repaired I feel bereft.....god I never realised how much I used it

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

nothing to say...played all day

I DID love the metal madness DCM so with that in mind I PLAYED

Sunday, January 28, 2007

are you still watching this space??

..if you are you can stop now here are my 1st efforts for the DCM

I tried to make it masculine so managed to steer clear of those BIG BLOOMS!!!
I then had a christening card to make so have included that to....

Hope you have all had a nice week end....ALL hark at me that assuming anyone is reading this.

We had a quiet and relaxing week end. Doug has been cooking from Tana Ramsays cook book chicken and mango on Saturday and prawns and noodles Sunday...mind you they both had posher names mmmmm lovely!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

the 3 R's....Robo, Ribs & Rocky

I spend yesterday morning at Carolyn’s having Craft robo lessons….she certainly has found her way round it quickly. I have to say I was impressed with the ‘welded words’ and the fact that you can have ANY font you like… cool is that? What I am NOT so impressed about is the cost and the cost of the accessories…I think mainly because I am NOT very techie and I worry that I would NEVER use it to its full potential…..then I look on UKS and I see what folk can do and I NEED one. So for now will continue to sit in the fence.

Dan is back to school now I had to collect him the day of the snow as he was complaining of pains in his stomach……a 2 minute visit to the doctors confirmed he has bruised ribs and pulled/ sprained his muscles. Now obviously I asked how he did it…he had no idea. BUT he left the house Ok snowballing maybe??? Well that’s what my money is on. Actually feel relieved that is all it is cos he does seem to be in loads of pain and the doctor cheerfully said yeah he would be and it will continue for a couple of weeks!!! Ahhhh well plenty worse. This is Dan and one of me fave pages simple but .......

So now Rocky….we had decided what with Doug’s shift work and the boys various clubs they attend we would try and do more as a family. Hardly rocket science just takes a bit of planning…so Thursday seemed a good day for all so we hit the cinema…I hate to be a grump but blimey it was awful…a) I honestly cannot understand a word Sly Stone says b) he really is too old to fight c) I HATED the fight scenes I so don’t get why anyone would want to fight …yes I know it was a film but people do REALLY do that. Still rest of the family are die hard Rocky Balboa fans so it was a big hit….

More good news I have picked up another Wedding order.....Bride and groom and mum came round the other evening. All good and my lovely friends and family have all offered to help. So My web site notepaper etc is now headed up

Handmade By Sue, Mum, Doug, Bex and Caz and David so long as he is paid WELL

ooo and the Daring Card Makers have a Dare I fancy this week.......mmmm I so need more time...

made these yesterday...from an old SA kit. Still using those big blooms!!! So maybe I will challenge myself to do the DCM dare and NO big blooms...... mmmm means no sleep either. Watch this space

Monday, January 22, 2007

just quickly

cos I haven't blogged for a while.......Went to the dentist this morning YUK YUK YUK except I never well I did go but the receptionist had me down for tomorrow and my appointment card clearly said 22nd...grrrrrrrrrrr Oh well.

I did another wedding fair yesterday and its been MANIC ever since. I can't complain but was relieved when I met Kathy for coffee, lunch and a gossip and let the answer phone pick up the rest of the calls....I have now rung them ALL back and made 2 appointments and agreed to send a couple of samples out. So back to Kathy and her BAGS full of stash....mmmm and she comments about me. Cheek!!! She did have some lovely paper and even lovelier big blooms...all in a very nice box, and some stamps all in a little 'file' thingy she clearly needs more so she can file them away.

I have made a few cards......nothing fantastic BUT what the hell did I do before big blooms? my next challenge is to make some more without them.

Ooooooo and a couple of scary things the stall holder at the wedding fair, a photographer, said I know you as I set up....yup I knew him he was either Peter or Roger Bailey one of the twins in my class when I was 10 and we both INSISTED we still looked the same...AND THEN my bride to be appointment today I also knew from school, senior this time and again we both said we hadn't changed...OMG I am 45 and look like I am 10...clearly I don't! made me laugh though.

Ok back to my weddings I do love to be busy......

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

OMG!!!! have a look

Received an urgent call form Bex at 1.30 today INSISTING that I put the kettle on as she was headng my way....obviously I did she is way scary lol. I am SO glad she came.....she had been on a jolly to Affordable Crafts and as she knows them she was able to riffle through the grab bags they had ready for the craft show at the week end...........they were £5.00 each. A bargain for sure they all had a great selection of 12 x 12 papers and matching emebellishments so how many would YOU have bought?


well thats what WE have and she shared it all with me have a look.......we were in raptures we opened 17 bags of stash we drooled, dribbled and stroked the goodies we have HUGH flowers, clips, brads in all the colours and all of the sizes BG paper Bazzill card stock, alphabets, ribbon, primas, chipboard shapes and so much fact we added it up there was £285 plus of stash all for £85.00 lol I cannot stop smiling and laughing. I did ring Doug and tell him BUT I am sure YOU understand how we feel...Doug clearly didn't get it.....

Thank-you Bex another fabby day xxxx FYI I have sorted all mine out and all is put away nicely - Bex...well she is ermmmm busy lol

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What a GREAT day

oooo I was so looking forward to today and I wasn't disappointed. OK so clearly I don't mean the weather it is grey raining and VERY dull!!!

Caz (My best friend) had given me for a Christmas pressie a girlie crafty shopping day with lunch and fab is THAT??? This is Caz and moi
So we headed off to Willow Tree Crafts at Watford...terrible drive due to the weather and the fact we saw all of the Watford ring road several times before we sussed out where the turning was....and why is it other cars HATE it when you go round roundabouts more than once!

Anyway we arrived at a small BUT beautiful Craft shop.....I can honestly say there wasn't anything in there I wouldn't have bought. A massive range of AMM and Basic Grey..I was in heaven oooo and SEI I love SEI!

Caz bought me some AMM chipboard letters and some 'tacks' never seen them before kinda like press studs. I also got rub ons I work on the fact YOU can NEVER have too many rub ons and paper!!! Here is my stash...yeah yeah Em I so am a spoilt cow!! and Bex yours in still in the bag...hope its all Ok

.....and then as if that wasn't enough we hit Hobbycraft...well after stopping at at Starbucks like REAL ladies that do lunch. I had a pannini (how many n's??) which they heated up the server (male) and maybe not the brightest around asked my name so he could LMK when it was ready...Caz said oooo and I am Caz do you want any more details....poor guy he looked so bewildered which wasn't helped by the fact me and the lady behind us in the queue cracked up!!!

So stash from Hobbycraft

So as I said what a GREAT day.....home now and have a meeting to attend then I can play with my new toys.

......and Lise I haven't forgotten about the tag. Its just that so many songs mean so much at different times...maybe a good subject for a CJ :). I will keep thinking.

AND a couple of more things....have got an order from Sundays wedding fair for 60 chuffed!!! makes it worth whiles and Carol is in the SB mag I picked up...OMG what talented folk I know and so well deserved

bye for now xxx love the spoilt cow with LOADS of stash lol

Friday, January 12, 2007

busy busy busy..and its FRIDAY!!!! honest I really have. I have been preparing for my weddings fairs - I have 2 on the following 2 week ends. I have now done all I have to on the wedding front so today I intend to play.

I have SB LO in my head BUT I don't about you stuff I have in my head NEVER turns out how I expect oh well we'll see have printed the photos.....good start. I also want to finish a Circle Journal I started last night, make a card and a couple of ATC's.......maybe a tall order. Although I do get easily waylaid so its good to have several things on the go....well it works for me.

So deep joy ITS FRIDAY......Doug will be home in a mo.....he has been on nights and we have till Monday afternoon before he returns mmmmmm a lovely long week end. Although we do have a 'trip list' for Dan and David and where they need to be at what time!

I thought I would show you a couple of orders I completed this week - a Honeymoon album and a guest book. They both match stationery they had previously ordered.....they seemed pleased with them. Hope the were.

Ok so better press you now know I have a LIST!!!! OOO I do love a list and I love to be busy......inspite of what Em says!!!

Have a fab week end xxxxx

oooooo decided to pop back and show you what I have done so far.....all using various City Centre designs fabby papers......... LOVE THEM!!!

OK I really am going now lol xxx

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

OMG it was ME!!!!

...I am SO stunned, excited , blown away ooooo I have no words I was THE ONE!!! I got the most fabulous canvas from Em ( you know the GLAM supermodel PE coordinator) Go look at her blog you must see what I and I got that scrummy card also what a spoilt cow I am and I LOVE IT...Em I am so pleased you are my friend.....although ringing me from the boys toilets!!! what was THAT about......we may need to chat more about THAT!!!

So been missing for a few days quick catch up spent Saturday night at my friends perfect and about time!!! They are now in Thailand honeymooning how fab is that? Then Sunday we braved the Ikea sale...we were pleasantly surprised we whipped round in no is the LAW of an Ikea visit I bought more storage and have been blitzing my craft room ever since!!!

Even Mum said it looked tidy ......bit better than yesterday!!! All my stamps are all now back in the right drawers and labelled - I have even sorted out my papers the lovely Bex gave me some poly pouches so all now in immaculate order. Although may need some more..I LOVE paper.

OOOO and speaking of Bex hope you are reading this...this is what your Christmas pressie SHOULD have looked like........LOL sadly several (LOADS) of flowers fell off... hey ho I believe its the thought that counts.

Ok better get back to IT then I have a wedding fair this week end so now my craft space is tidy I aim to revamp my web site and make some more designs........ or maybe not!!!

TBH I seem to spend more time making lists of stuff I need to do than actually doing anything at the moment

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Something to share…and then a question

David did these LO's yesterday…now I think they are lovely yeah so I am VERY biased but I am allowed to be BUT the BIG question is why digital surely it’s cheating?

Now David spent a while ‘playing’ on the PC till he was happy BUT NOTHING like the amount of time it takes me to even decide on what papers to use.

So yeah digital is quicker but do you get the same amount of satisfaction? Less to clear up, yeah, no sticky fingers, yeah, and no brads/gems to clear up from the desk and the floor BUT I am still not sure I GET IT…do you? please put me right???

….and David if you read this I really do think your LO are totally fantastic honest…and digital is defiantly the way for you as YOU NEVER want to clear up!!

Now one of my pages hee hee cannot have David upstaging me after all it is my blog - BTW these lush papers are from the SA kit for December

Its VERY quiet here today boys have returned to school and there is just me and the radio…I am busy ploughing my way through wedding orders and samples…...always busy this time of year as brides to be wait till Christmas is out the way………

Ooo and I gave got my gorgeous Rhonna Farrer swirly curly stamps Lynne was right they are fantastic!! I so need more time

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

for Em

Callum so needs one of these.....

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Back to normal

well almost, still have boys at home but they are both independent and tend to call on me for taxi-ing duties and they know where to come when they need feeding. I do love them being at home I am lucky enough that I do not 'go out' to work so I can enjoy there company (sometimes)

Normal for me means back to my wedding stationery business...currently working on 2 orders and have a couple of samples to make. I am also taking a pitch at our local hospital in a few weeks with my best friend, Caz, so will need to make some more I have started my LIST oooo how I love lists. In fact I have a altered notebook especially for 2007 so I can keep AND organise my lists...sad I know.

We spent New Years day at my mums - we had far to much food.......infact I never managed tea mind you I shan't tell you how many roast potatoes I has at lunch time. We played 7 card brag honest I will NEVER EVER get to remember the hands I love the game but I have to write down what a flush/straight etc is......pea size brain I have which is a tad embarrassing when Tyler 8 manages really well. 'The Ladies'...Mum me and Mandy (sil) also lost at Who wants to be a millionaire.....hee hee bovvered!!!

So 2007 another year unreal - the time goes so quickly I don't really 'do' New Years eve we rarely go out BUT are more than happy at home. However as you may have read we did go to Andy and Jacks this year (Doug's Brother and SIL).....we have a lovely time. Great food and great company although I wouldn't recommend playing Rapido!!! well unless you are on the winning team. BUT I can recommend Uno extreme...brilliant. Then THE HITCH Andy caramalised the chocolate that was to be used for the chocolate fountain!!! all the fruit was prepared but NO CHOCOLATE....still fruit salad is nice.

Back to work then boys have just been in and fed now they are off to play when it pours which it will you will know why!

My FIRST DLO..I got the words from somewhere??? and I cannot think where so NOT all my idea but I loved them......I do this...scribble down stuff and file it as it will come in useful someday.